A Behavioral Kind of Valentine

Ok B-Mommas, hear me out on this one. It’s Valentine’s Day week and you are probably getting your kiddos’ candy treats, Valentine’s boxes and other ridiculous excessive things done for their schools and centers. They love it so you love it. It’s all good.

Last year, I thought to myself “It sure would be nice if my kids could pass out valentines that are a little different. Not the usual card and candy. What about something for their parents??” So I created this little coupon book that is from the kiddos to the parent.



I printed out enough for my chicks to give their friends and include a piece of candy so the friends wouldn’t get robbed of their sugar. Feel free to hand out to your littles this Valentine’s Day!

It’s different, it’s behavioral, and parents will thank you for it.


Cover Photo by Darren Nunis on Unsplash

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